Our approach

For many centuries, our Châteauneuf-du-Pape terroir, comprising quartz rock, limestone, clay and sand, has been swept by the mistral wind, kept warm at night by the sun-drenched pebbles, transformed by the multitude of live organisms in the soil and cared for by the local inhabitants.

The wine grower’s role is to add value to the grape so that the wine can express in authentic detail the subtlety of our exceptional terroir.

The way we work the vineyard and the knowledge we hold of our soil are thus essential to our approach. We give the utmost care to our grapes, from the planting of our vineyards to the grape harvest.

During harvest, which is always done manually, and all the way through to the bottling stage, we minimise the handling of the fruit as much as possible to preserve its aromatic subtlety.

During the winemaking process, we make full use of the possibilities available to us. These include the eight red and six white grape varieties recognised by the appellation and the unique characteristics of our old vines and of our more recent plants.

We believe that the winemaking process should enhance the expression of the terroir: the work done in the cellar should be effective enough so as to be forgotten when the wine is tasted, as it would have found the right balance between acidity, alcohol and tannins.